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Why Do I Need ClickFunnels? See How ClickFunnels Makes Sales.

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It seems like every successful business uses ClickFunnels these days, but you might be asking yourself, “Why do I need ClickFunnels?”

Below we’ll give you the pros and cons of using ClickFunnels, explain what ClickFunnels can do for you, and we’ll give you exclusive access to test ClickFunnels out for free.

Why Do I Need ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a powerful sales funnel generator that allows you to create funnels based on your business’s goals.

Just about any and every business has been benefiting from the powerful funnels that can be created in ClickFunnels, but why do YOU need ClickFunnels?

To answer this question, you need to understand how sales funnels work.

Sales funnels can be described as the entire process to completing a sale. From making potential consumers aware of a product, to collecting payment for the product, a sales funnel takes the consumer from point A to point B of the sale.

Sales funnels work by driving traffic directly to an offer that you have. It takes your products and services and places them right in front of the eyes of all of your traffic.

Sales funnels help you to put out a, “Hey, I exist and can make your life better!” message to all of your traffic.

Whether your traffic source is from your website, social media accounts, email accounts, or through advertisements, sales funnels are the backbone of the sales process.

Without sales funnels, how do you get your products in front of the most amount of people that would benefit from them? How would you sell them?

Think of all the products that you use on a daily basis (I’m sure there are a lot of them). Imagine how different your life would be if you were never taken through the sales process to get those products you use today.

How would you brush your teeth every morning? What shoes would you wear to get outside? How would you access the internet? Where would you live?

Every single thing that you have in your life today was gained through some sort of sales funnel.

From your toothpaste to your home, you were taken through a sales process that started by informing you about the product and lead to you purchasing that product.

Sales funnels are a vital part of the sales process; without them, there would be no exchange of goods and services with consumers. This is a fact when it comes to the online marketplace. No sale has ever been made without a sales funnel. 

If you want to complete the sales process, YOU NEED CLICKFUNNELS.

Let’s Take a Look at the 5 Steps to a Sales Funnel

1. You create your products and services and need to get them in front of consumers.

Every profitable business has products and services that they sell. This is the first step to a sales funnel, as the sales process cannot be started without a product or service.

We talked a little about what businesses need sales funnels and which don’t in our post earlier this week.

If you are someone who does affiliate marketing, then picking out your products to promote would be your first step to the sales process.

Once you have your products ready to be sold to customers, your next step is to find a way to get the attention of the people that need them.

2. You create your website, social media account, or you run ads on the internet.

To get your products out there, you first need a platform to market your products. Whether you are using your website, social media accounts, or you are running ads (or all three), this is where you will create your sales funnel.

If you are someone that hasn’t yet picked a platform, but wants to get your products out there, we recommend that you try ClickFunnels Free 30 Day Summit where they show you how to use funnels on different platforms. They teach you how 30 ordinary people became super successful within different industries using ClickFunnels to generate millions of dollars in sales.


It doesn’t matter what unique method you utilize to make your products shine as you’ll learn in the training. You just need a place to get started.

3. You start moving traffic to your sales funnels.

Once you have created your platform to display your sales funnels, it’s time to start moving traffic to them.

Traffic is the third most important part of any sales funnel as you need to get your products in front of consumers who are ready to buy them.

What’s better than having a system that works entirely on its own for you 24/7?

While you are out creating more products and more sales funnels, your funnels are hard at work generating traffic for you and converting them into leads that you will follow up with later. Cool isn’t it?

We’ve teamed up with the top ClickFunnels guru in the industry, Russell Brunson, to get you a Free Copy of His Book Traffic Secrets where he spills his secrets on how he generated traffic to his $$$ billion dollar company.

4. Your funnels generate and work your leads.

Not all people that you are able to pull into your sales funnels are ready to buy just yet, and that is why ClickFunnels allows you to create funnels that will collect emails to generate leads.

These leads will prove to be the gold of your business.

Generating leads is one of the most valuable assets your sales funnels will provide to you as these leads will eventually be converted into consumers of your products through your smart marketing.

While we love ClickFunnels for lead generating, we talk about one of the cons of ClickFunnels below and that is that the email autoresponder is limited. We prefer to use GetResponse for our autoresponder and have seen higher converting rates with them than any other autoresponder. Click the image below to start a Free 30 day trial with them. 

List Building Program

5. You make sales.

The final step to the sales funnel process is the end goal of any funnel. You make your first sale.

And then your second, then third, and before you know it your funnels are generating hundreds or even thousands of sales a day.

Without the gift of automation that ClickFunnels allows, this process would be next to impossible for any business looking to make sales and generate leads.

The Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

So we’ve already proven that ClickFunnels is a life saving tool that any business needs to generate leads and make sales. But, what are the pros and cons of ClickFunnels?

Take a look below as we detail out the good and (not so) bad of ClickFunnels.


  • ClickFunnels offers endless training on how to use their program because they want you to make sales.

With weekly webinars, a dedicated blog and Youtube channel, you will NEVER get lost with ClickFunnels. Seriously, these guys love to give away free training for their program. Why? Because unlike most companies that just want your money, ClickFunnels cares about how well you do and they want to see your business succeed.

With their FunnelFix training, they guide you through how to make your own funnels, how to get traffic, and they even teach you some basic copywriting skills. Their training could not be any better.


  • There are hundreds of pre-made funnels that have been studied and proven to convert for specific markets.

The first thing that ClickFunnels will ask you to do once you start using their program is explain to them what type of business you have. This is because they have a library of hundreds of funnels that have been proven to convert and produce results for businesses. Even with this feature, beginners can still create their own funnels from scratch.

  • ClickFunnels has a very easy drag and drop tool.

Even with hundreds of funnels to choose from, you aren’t overwhelmed thanks to ClickFunnels drag and drop funnel creator. It is easy to create professionally made funnels that are easy for your traffic to follow. No coding knowledge is necessary at all to get started with them, all you need is your mouse to drag different sections of your funnel around.

  • Their support team is with you every step of the way.

I remember the first day I signed up for ClickFunnels I received an email from the support team letting me know how to contact them if I needed help with anything. They offer email support, live chat and phone support for any issues that you may come across. The blue chat box is always on the right corner of your screen ready to answer any questions that you have. They also have several self help articles that are easy to follow.

  • Integrates with major email applications, payment providers and more.

One thing we love about ClickFunnels is that even though they work amazingly as one system, they still allow you to easily integrate with other applications to do email marketing, collect payments, run webinars and more. Setup with other applications is fast and easy so you can get started on selling your products.

  • Weekly webinars to keep you up to date.

As if there training wasn’t enough, ClickFunnels keeps its users up to date with weekly webinars geared towards beefing up your funnel skills.


  • Their email marketing tool cannot compare with others like GetResponse.

Though we love ClickFunnels, their email marketing tool doesn’t allow for as many customization as other tools like GetResponse. The great thing is that GetResponse can easily be integrated with ClickFunnels and can be used with all of your funnels.

  • Their monthly price may be out of reach for beginners.

If you are someone who is just starting out with funnels and building your business, you may not have the capitol to afford their standard plan for $97 a month. You may benefit from choosing to go with GetResponse (Follow our link for a Free 30 day trial before paying) and use their sales funnels with either their Basic plan starting at $15 a month, or their Plus plan starting at $49 a month. The difference is that you get 1 or 5 funnels respectively vs the 20 funnels you get with ClickFunnel’s standard plan.


Get Response (Left) vs ClickFunnels (right) Pricing
Get Response (Left) vs ClickFunnels (right) Pricing

The Bottom Line

ClickFunnels Is A Great Necessary Program to Get You Sales


Let’s face it, we all know that sales funnels are extremely powerful tools that get results.

Any business that has been successful today has implemented some form of a sales funnel to their marketing strategy.

If your goal is to get your products in the face of consumers, then you need ClickFunnels.

If your goal is to get affiliate products in the face of consumers, then you need ClickFunnels.

If your goal is to generate leads to market your current and future products, then you need ClickFunnels.

Try ClickFunnels out for Free by signing up for their 30 Day Summit first so that you learn all of the basics and advanced strategies that the masters of funnels themselves use.


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