What is a Sales Funnel? Discover the Power Behind Funnels!

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Sales funnels have been getting a lot of hype in recent years, and there’s no wonder why with the amazing performance record they have. But, what is a sales funnel and how can it help your business?

Here we’ll explain what sales funnels are, and we’ll give you access to exclusive free tools that you can use today to start generating sales and leads.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are marketing tools used to drive traffic to an offer that you have and convert them into leads and paying customers.

Think of funnels as the digital version of a sales associate at a store. Their job is to welcome customers and guide them around the store based on their needs, and to promote the products of the business.

Just like a sales associate, a sales funnel:

1. Captures the attention of visitors.

2. Peaks the interest of visitors by making them aware of your offers.

3. Makes an irresistible offer to the visitor and gets them to consider accepting it.

4. Gets your visitor to take action and accept your offer.

Just as a sales associate would, a sales funnel takes a potential customer through a sales process that is designed specifically for that customer’s needs.

Sales funnels are especially helpful when visitors are coming to unknown sites for the first time.

If you have not built up trust and given value to your visitors, the likelihood that they will make a purchase now or in the future will greatly reduce.

This is why sales funnels are used by many businesses; to establish trust and value on the very first impression for each visitor and to convert those visitors into leads and sales.

Many big names such as Amazon and Apple use sales funnels to get potential customers to their products. There is no doubt that these companies would not have done as great without them.

There are several tools online that allow you to create sales funnels and much more, but the easiest to learn and navigate is ClickFunnels.

We’ll talk more about ClickFunnels below, but if you are interested in getting hands on training with funnels click here to access their free 30 day training. They teach you everything that you need to know from funnel basics, to creating a funnel that will get you leads and sales!

5 Different Types of Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are successful for many reasons, depending on the specific type of funnel being used. There are hundreds of different funnels that have been scientifically proven to convert traffic into buyers.

 Here’s a list of 5 different sales funnels and how they are used. 

1. Lead Magnet + Email Funnel (Free Sample Funnel)

Lead Magnet

This is the most popular type of funnel for generating leads.

With these funnels, you offer a free product filled with amazing value to your visitors in exchange for their email.

Offering a free product such as an E-book to a potential lead is the best way to establish trust with your visitors. The goal is to provide so much value that the lead will come back to see what other value you can offer them.

This is how businesses generate thousands of warm leads a day that will eventually turn into paying customers so long as you provide value.


Free sample funnels are normally a simple two page funnel. Visitors are taken from an “Opt in” page where they provide their email to a thank you page where they receive the promised product.

You, the business owner, are now left with their email that you can use to send follow up offers over an infinite amount of time (provided that you use email marketing wisely).

This is the digital version of what coupons and ads in your mailbox are currently doing, except on a much grander and direct scale.

2. Free with Shipping Funnel (Free Item with Paid Shipping)

Just like your free sample funnel, with this funnel you are also giving away a free product in exchange for an email.

The only difference is that you are providing a tangible product that leads will then have in their homes after they pay for shipping.

This funnel is normally used to send out a hard copy of a book, or even an inexpensive product (like a small sample). What makes this an excellent marketing tool is that your product will be in the lead’s home.

Having your products in the hands of your leads works better in your favor than having access to a free E-book in most cases. The excitement of receiving a package in the mail and having your product always in the home of your leads builds up a desire to receive more from you.

If time goes by and the lead forgets to sign up for your next offer, on top of email marketing, your product is there in their home to constantly remind them of your existence. The next time they have a problem, they are more likely to run to you for the solution.

These leads are more likely to purchase from you in the future as they have already bought from you and you have established the trust and value they need to become a paying customer.

The only downside to this funnel is that it is harder to convince a brand new visitor to purchase from you without them having an understanding of the value that you will give them.

You can learn how to work around this in the Free 30 Day Summit that ClickFunnels offers. They will teach you all of the secrets you need to know to persuade these leads to pay shipping for your product, and eventually become a loyal customer!


3. Challenge Funnel

The challenge funnel is another form of the Free Sample funnel where you giveaway a free product in exchange for an email.

With this funnel, the product that you give away is a challenge for your visitors to engage in. The challenge is to be completed within a set time frame (14 day challenge, 30 day challenge, etc) and at the end of the challenge, the lead is left wanting more of your products.

This funnel is great for all types of niches. From health and fitness, to e-commerce and the tech niche, countless niches have seen success with this funnel.

The amazing part of this is that the lead gets to experience first hand the amount of value that you can provide to them. They learn all about you, trust your skills and products, and will eventually want to get more value from you.

The amount of work you put into creating the product you give away for this funnel will determine if your leads will turn into paying customers. Do not skimp on value for these products, as this is your first impression that you are making on your leads!

Challenge funnels are also perfect social media marketing tools to use to engage and grow your audience.

4. Self Liquidating Funnels

Self liquidating funnels are used whenever you are running paid ads to generate leads and sales. The idea of this funnel, if done correctly, is for you to take your leads through a sales process that will end with them purchasing your product(s).

The goal is for you to pay for your advertising costs with the sale that you make with the funnel. And, in some cases, the goal is for you to still be profitable after the sale is made.

Learning about this specific funnel is helpful for any business that pays for advertisement. The cost of running ads can quickly run a profitable business into a business that is bleeding money.

30 Day Summit Promo

These funnels can be used to promote several of your products to one visitor in one sitting. Upselling your products with this funnel is a great way to come out profitable instead of breaking even.

Before running any paid ads, we highly recommend that you learn how to do it the correct way the first time around. The goal of any business is to be profitable, and if done incorrectly, paid advertising can quickly send you into the negative.

ClickFunnels teaches you everything that you need to start off on the right foot with sales funnels in their Free 30 Day Summit Course. Make sure you signup so that you start out ahead of everyone else and come out on top!

5. Limited Time Offer Funnel (Hurry and Get Yours Before it’s Gone!)


The last funnel we want to talk about is the limited time offer funnel. This sales funnel gets your visitors to act quickly by presenting them with an offer that will not last forever.

It creates a sense of urgency and makes your visitors think “if I don’t act now, I’ll miss out and won’t get the chance again in the future”.

This is the perfect funnel to use for both free advertising and paid advertising. It can be a Free Sample funnel where you give away a free product for a limited amount of time to generate a lead.

Or, it can be a Self Liquidating funnel that is meant to pay off your advertising costs. Whichever method you choose to use with this funnel, you are sure to get results as people do not like to feel like they are missing out on anything.

A lot of businesses use this funnel in conjunction with webinars that they host. If you’ve ever attended a webinar and stayed until the end, the host may have offered a lower price on the product they were selling as an incentive for you to attend the full webinar.

It benefits both the seller and the purchaser as the seller gets to explain the value provided in their product and the purchaser gets an exclusive deal on that product if they act now.

What Makes a Sales Funnels so Successful?

It’s no secret that sales funnels convert, but what exactly makes them lead generating and selling beasts?

One reason that sales funnels convert well is because they lead visitors directly to information or offers that are relevant to them. With the overwhelming amount of free information online, it is easy for someone to be lead in the wrong direction when searching for a solution to their problem.

When you create sales funnels strategically, your traffic will be lead directly to your offers and information that will benefit them.

When you have a sales funnel that gets someone where they need to be without any confusion or road blocks, they will gain trust in you and your business and will be more likely to return to you in the future for more solutions to their problems.

This is what gives you the opportunity to make many sales and gain long lasting customers.

Another reason they are highly successful is because there are so many different types of funnels that can be created. The huge variety of funnels that can be created appeal to virtually every market and every visitor that your business can encounter.

There truly is no market that a sales funnel cannot reach and convert into a lead or long lasting customer.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sales funnels.

Without a doubt, no sales funnel will be high converting if it does not come from a platform with a proven success rate. ClickFunnels is definitely the way to go when it comes to creating high converting sales funnels.

What sales funnels will you utilize to help your business reach it’s full potential?

Don’t forget to get your ticket to ClickFunnels Free 30 Day Summit Course. You can’t master funnels without it!

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