We Know How To Get ClickFunnels For Free!

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ClickFunnels is a revolutionary sales funnel builder that has gotten amazing results for many businesses. But as a beginner, you may want to get your feet wet before diving right into one of their plans.

Do you want to know how to get Clickfunnels for free?

Below we’ll reveal the secret of how you can gain access to ClickFunnels and their world class training for free for 14 days, plus an additional 3 day bonus into their platform!

How To Get ClickFunnels For Free

ClickFunnels currently offers three different monthly plans for members. They have the Standard (basic) Plan, the Platinum Plan and the Collective Plan. We took a deep look inside these plans in our previous post here.

Many beginners who are just now starting out with ClickFunnels want to make sure they are getting the best price possible. But did you know that there is a way that you can start your ClickFunnels journey for free?

You may know that ClickFunnels offers a free 14 day trial to new members, but do not be so hasty to claim yours just yet or else you will miss out on vital learning opportunities. 

Every day in the 14 day trial is a precious gift that should be cherished, so get ready for the secret to making the most out of those short days.

The secret to getting ClickFunnels for free is in their Free 30 Day Summit. You want to signup for This Summit before starting the free 14 day trial with ClickFunnels.

Why? Because in this exclusive training, you will learn funnel marketing strategies directly from 30 members of the Two Comma club (an elite club inside of ClickFunnels) and how to make killer funnels that convert like crazy.

Though ClickFunnels offers a 14 day free trial, how good is that trial if you have to spend a majority of the two weeks mastering the concept of funnels?

This is an unknown secret that many ClickFunnels users wish they knew of before they signed up for the 14 day trial.



 By starting your ClickFunnels journey off with the 14 day trial, you have an extremely limited amount of time to cram in any knowledge of how to use the system effectively.  That means your entire free 14 day period will be spent learning how to navigate and use the system. 

With such a limited amount of time to access the system for free, wouldn’t you want to go in with the best tools available to boost your chances of creating funnels that work?

If I could go back and attend the Free 30 Day Summit before I started my free trial, I would have saved so much time and money!

The greatest benefit to the 30 Day Summit is that you won’t have to spend any money to attend. That’s right, it is completely Free.

Once you signup for the summit, you will be given 10 videos a day for 3 days that teach you the techniques used by the big shots in the industry to make killer funnels that convert.

Who knew that by attending a free event, you’d come out further ahead than everyone else in the ClickFunnels race?

Once you signup for the summit here, you’ll want to watch all 30 videos and take detailed notes on each video.

By the end of the 3 days, you’ll be ready to trade out your “I don’t know a thing about ClickFunnels” hat for your “I am a ClickFunnels Beast” hat, and you will be ready to dive into the 14 day free trial.


What You Need to Know About the Free 30 Day Summit

The 30 Day Summit is a free web series from ClickFunnels that will teach you funnel marketing strategies that 30 Elite Two Comma club members would use if they were in your shoes and starting their million dollar businesses from day one with just ClickFunnels.

The summit is an undeniable gift from ClickFunnels, but you will only have access to ten videos a day over the course of 3 days. Once your 24 hour period is over, your link is gone along with the videos.

But, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. While you are learning all about funnels in the summit, we’ll help you get your hands on some other awesome training materials from ClickFunnels.

We want you to go into your 14 day trial as a ClickFunnels Master so that not a single day (or dollar $$$) is wasted.

Another product we recommend you have on hand while waiting for your next 10 videos to come out would be their Expert Secrets book. Click below to get your copy!

In it, Russel Brunson (the creator of ClickFunnels) offers invaluable advice on how to become an expert in your niche. Why would you want to get this product?

Because the goal of ClickFunnels is to be a master at marketing, and you will need all the tools from the best of the best in the industry to do it.

This book specifically will mold your mind into that of an expert marketer, a key skill to have when creating funnels.

Here’s a little sneak peak from the book:

With Expert Secrets, you start off as the Student and come out as the Expert!

Though this book doesn’t offer training on ClickFunnels, it helps to develop your skills as an entrepreneur so that you have the right mindset guiding you through each funnel you create.

Keep in mind that you can’t just create funnels and hope that they will sell, that has never worked for anyone.

You need to do it strategically. Reinventing the wheel has always been thought of as a bad idea when so many people before you have created success using the same gameplan.

Following the path laid out to you by experts is a fail proof way to gaining success.

That is why you need to learn from the best of the best, and both the 30 Day Summit and Expert Secrets will make you a ClickFunnels genius.

What To Do Once You Start Your Free Trial

Once you have started your free trial with ClickFunnels, it’s time to make the most out of the system before the trial ends.

It’s time to create killer funnels that using the strategies you learned about in the 30 Day Summit and Expert Secrets.

Here’s the link to the 30 Day Summit again in case you haven’t signed up yet: Free 30 Day Summit with ClickFunnels!

Take advantage of the free training videos that ClickFunnels offers within it’s system (check out the FunnelFlix Training videos on the right of the homepage screen) on your first day.

Remember, every second in this 14 day trial is vital so do this first before diving into creating your funnels.

Since you are a master at understanding how funnels work thanks to the 30 Day Summit and Expert Secrets, you know exactly which funnels you need to start creating and how to use them.

Don’t forget your copy of Expert Secrets to get you through the 30 Day Summit! 


Getting into the 30 Day Summit and grabbing your copy of Expert Secrets are the secrets to boosting your productivity during your short 14 day trial with ClickFunnels. This is how you get ClickFunnels for free before starting a monthly subscription.

By completing both of these free trainings, you will be skyrocketed above all the others who jumped straight into the 14 day trial with ClickFunnels.

You’ll be faster at seeing which funnels are converting for you and which aren’t during the short 14 day trial. Following this method will assure that you will get the most benefit out of the ClickFunnels system and see the results that will benefit your business.

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