Can You Make Money as a ClickFunnels Affiliate?

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There are SO many affiliate programs out there, and it can be hard to know which ones actually work to get you paid and which ones don’t.

But which side of that list is ClickFunnels on? Can you make money as a ClickFunnels affiliate? Read on to find out, and make sure you stick around as I reveal a little known secret for ClickFunnel’s affiliates that are on a budget!

Is ClickFunnels a Good System?

Before you decide if you can make money off a product, it’s best to know if it’s even a good product in the first place right?

Lucky for you, ClickFunnels is probably the most popular sales funnel building system out there. There really isn’t much competition, because they have the easiest to use funnel builder that has ever been made.

Want ClickFunnels for Free?
​​​​​​​If you don’t already have a ClickFunnels account, definitely check out my post → here to learn how to start ClickFunnels for free!

They do SO MUCH more than create beautiful funnels that will get offers in front of buyers. They also offer webinars, email marketing (GetResponse is actually better in this department), landing pages, and they even make the sales process easy for users with their payment processing funnels.

There truly is nothing to not love about ClickFunnels system.

But, when it comes to their affiliate program, ClickFunnels is one of, if not the best affiliate programs out there, hands down. One thing (asides from the crazy commissions you can earn) they do that hardly any other affiliate program does is they provide an endless amount of training to their users and affiliates.

In order to sell a product, you need to know ALL about it and trust me, they teach you all about ClickFunnels AND MORE. They teach you about getting your mindset right, understanding your customers, and they teach so many marketing techniques in their huge library.

They also have a really strong community feel to their affiliate program. Whether you are an affiliate just starting out in the game, or an expert affiliate making thousands a day, you have access to the same resources.

ClickFunnels truly is an amazing system with lots to offer its users, but even more to offer for its affiliates.

So, Can You Make Money as a ClickFunnel’s Affiliate?

There is absolutely no doubt that you not only CAN make money with ClickFunnels, but that you WILL make money with them.

Utilizing their huge library of training tools, (check out Russel Brunson’s book below on building your mindset to become a successful affilaite) you will have all of the tools you need to make money online with ClickFunnels.


Since it’s a subscription service and users pay a monthly fee, you get a monthly commission on people you get to sign up. AND, ontop of that monthly commission, you also get a commission on anything else that your users purchase from ClickFunnels during their subscription.

Being that you are interested in ClickFunnels, I’m sure you know how good they are at upselling and promoting their own products. Their ads are everywhere, their name is everywhere and they are very well known. This makes it easier for you!

All you have to do is lead people to ClickFunnels and they will basically do all of the work for you and pay you for it!

They also do something that no other affiliate program does. If you can get 100 ClickFunnels subscriptions under your name, you are automatically entered into their Dream Car Challenge.

Brace yourself. They will give you $500 a month ONTOP of your commissions to pay for the car of your dreams. That is absolutely insane! And, if you can double the number of users to 200, you get $1,000 towards the car of your dreams. No other company has an affiliate program this amazing!

So not only can you make money with ClickFunnels, you can also get the car of your dreams just by getting enough users to sign up under you.

There honestly isn’t any better reason to join an affiliate program like theirs. And if you need a little head start on how to promote ClickFunnels, check out my post here about why people need ClickFunnels. You’ll get some good tips from there when you are ready to sell people on the program.

You should give them a try, it could seriously change your life.

What’s the Little Known Secret for Affiliates?

So, this is something that not many people know about ClickFunnels’ affiliate program. Remember as I shared in my previous post on how to signup for ClickFunnels for free, before doing this you need to sign up for the 30-Day Summit.


During the free trial with ClickFunnels (you need a ClickFunnel’s account even as an affiliate in order to promote their services), you only have 14 days to utilize their system. In that post, I share how to make the most out of those short days.

Once you signup for the affiliate program, and your trial is over, you need to purchase one of the three plans that they currently offer in order to continue gaining affiliate commissions and using their system.  This can be a little too expensive for new affiliates in the beginning.

If you are on a budget, I know of a way that you can avoid paying the hefty $97 price tag upfront by pausing your account.

If you pause your account, you will have to only pay a $10 monthly fee. This allows your account to remain active so that you can continue to collect your affiliate commissions. If you cancel your account after the free trial, you will not earn any commissions.

Keep this in mind when you are signing up to become an affiliate with ClickFunnels, because you can make amazing money with them even without paying the hefty price!


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